Rancher Owned, USDA Inspected Further Processing For Red Meats

Located 2 miles east of Mt. Angel, Oregon, Century Oak Packing Co. is a small local USDA inspected facility that specializes in the further processing of red meats.

We’re proud to produce beef and pork products that are:

  • Case ready
  • Allergen friendly
  • Value added
  • Fully cooked
  • Shelf stable

Century Oak Packing Co is a further processor.

We do not source primary meat ingredients for our customers, and we do not operate a harvest floor on site. Our facility contracts with and provides transportation of carcasses between local USDA inspected harvest floors to provide harvest options.

Species we process









Please be aware that we do not currently process poultry, rabbit, fish, or game meats (including elk and deer).

Who We Process For

Century Oak Packing Co. processes red meats for Ranch and Farm producers needing case-ready USDA inspected further processing. We also offer further processing services for other USDA inspected facilities.

Not sure whether we’re a good fit? Please contact us to discuss your needs!

OUR Facility Capabilities

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  • Shelf stable fully cooked processing
  • Cured and uncured further processing
  • Portion slicing of cooked meats including bacon
  • Fully cooked refrigerated processing
  • Jerky and snack stick shelf stable processing
  • Brined, injected, or tumbled processing
  • Linking (portion controlled) with multiple sizing available: small (breakfast link) to large (summer sausage) diameter casing products
  • Grinding and ground product portioning
  • Grinding of out-of-house pork products for fresh or cooked processing
  • Grinding of out-of-house beef products for cooked processing
  • Carcass fabrication of beef, pork, lamb, and goat
  • Vacuum packaging of products intended for fresh for frozen storage

OUR Production practices

Century Oak Packing does not commingle separate customers’ products into an aggregate lot for production processing.

Century Oak is a small USDA inspected facility with further processing batch size capabilities from 50Lbs to 1,000Lbs.

Larger batch sizes and production frequency may qualify for reduced processing rates.

Batch sizing minimums for further processing:


  • Jerky (shelf-stable) 45lbs green wt.
  • Sticks (shelf-stable) 150Lbs green wt.
  • Bacon 75Lbs green wt.
  • Summer Sausage & Salami 100Lbs
  • Ground and portioned non-linked products 50Lbs
  • Linked and Portioned, Fresh Ground products 50Lbs
  • Linked and Portioned, Cooked Ground products 100Lbs
  • Sliced and Portioned, Cooked products 50Lbs
  • Smoked and/or Cooked Boneless whole muscle products 50Lbs

Production Costs

Century Oak Packing is proud of the high-quality products we produce.

Production costs reflect the commitment we place on product integrity along with the wage and benefits our staff receive to create your products.

Please contact us directly to discuss detailed pricing for products you are interested in having produced.

About Century Oak Packing Co.

Century Oak Packing Co. was founded in 2010 by Mike and Patty Kloft of Lonely Lane Farms. Unable to find a further processor that lived up to their farm’s rigorous standards of quality (including allergen-friendliness), they decided instead to open their own.

Today Century Oak Packing Co. is proud to offer co-packing services to other local farmers and ranchers needing USDA inspected further processing for beef and pork.

Patty Kloft

Patty Kloft

Patty Kloft manages production and scheduling of Century Oak Packing Co.

Patty’s background in agriculture and accounting has given her the ability to understand and manage the complexities of livestock and perishable product processing.

Mike Kloft

Mike Kloft

Mike Kloft worked as a HACCP consultant and meat cutter for a decade prior to opening Century Oak Packing Co. with Patty. 

Oregon State University shaped Mikes deep commitment to local food systems and he continues ongoing education in red meat processing and food science through Iowa State University.

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