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Century Oak Packing Co. offers USDA inspected and custom co-packing services. We will collaborate with your farm, ranch, restaurant, or retail store to develop branded recipes and labels specific to your operationís.

House blended and conventional recipes are available to create a variety of Sausages and value added products.

Century Oak Packing Co. offers several different packaging options to suit individual needs. Call to discuss which packing solution works best for your markets.

Vacuum Packaged - Clear packaging / Product remains visible to consumer and can be sold as a fresh or frozen products

Shrink Film Packed - Clear Packaging / Product remains visible to consumer and is ideal for frozen product.

Pricing - USDA Inspected

Vacuum-Packaged from $0.99 / Lb

Shrink-Wrapped from $0.62 / Lb

Pricing - Custom

Vacuum-Packaged from $0.99 / Lb

Shrink-Wrapped $0.50 / Lb

Beef (Split Half) $0.53 / Lb

Lamb/Goat Under 65 lbs.$45/ head

Lamb/ Goat Over 65 lbs.  $0.53 / lbs

Prices Subject to Change


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